Measuring is of the utmost importance in any kitchen. Incorrect measurements can ruin a good recipe, so only the most high-quality, responsive scales are needed. DETECTO’s well-constructed scales and scale accessories are more than capable of doing the job, preventing mistakes and saving valuable ingredients and profits.

DETECTO’s baker dough scales are made specifically for weighing and parsing dough that is to be used in bread, pizza, and confectionary items. The adjustable poise and scale beam design continues to be a favorite amongst professional bakers all over the world, and the easy-cleaning, heavy-duty platters come in either stainless steel or white enamel. DETECTO provides a range of scoops and bowls to accommodate any ingredient needed to be properly portioned.

DETECTO’s classic top loading dial scales are an affordable, durable scale that can weigh almost any ingredient. Top loading dial scales come in a great variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from grams and ounces to a few hundred pounds. Produced in either stainless steel or enamel, fixed or rotating dial options, and yielding such useful options such as bowl-integrating platforms or air dashpots, DETECTO’s classic dial scales weigh everything from sugar and flour to pasta, breads, cakes and cookies.

When precise application of several ingredients is needed for pizzas or cakes, DETECTO has you covered. DETECTO’s RP30S and RP30R are specifically designed to apply icing or pizza ingredients on a rotating platform while keeping a precision weight. To keep your busy weighing environment clear of cables and wiring, DETECTO’s PZ series pizza scales provides a novel, effective solution. The PZ Series platform and indicator can communicate multiple platforms wirelessly, with the indicator providing a “hands-free” tare option to provide quicker and cleaner food prep for pizzas and sandwiches.

DETECTO’s baker scales offer a great variety of options for the many stages of food preparation and creation. Bakers will find a world-class option for any need they have, and DETECTO will continue to provide the ingenuity to save time and ingredients.