Cardinal Scale’s portable scales have nearly limitless uses when it comes to functionality, convenience, and economical choice. Cardinal Scale offers a wide range of mechanical and digital portable scales with capacities ranging from 150 pounds to 2,000 pounds. The DR series receiving scales feature a low profile platform, large LCD display, and easy push-button tare function. The Run-A-Weigh model floor scales comes with special ramping and checkered decking to withstand industrial weighing of items such as drums, industrial containers, barrels, boxes, and small crates. All of Cardinal Scale's portable scales are lightweight and designed to fit any mobile weighing situation, with many models including wheels or carrying handles for convenience. A wide variety of indicators are used to accurately ascertain valuable weight information in clear, bright displays. For consistent, accurate results and high-quality construction that will stand up over time, choose one of Cardinal Scale's reliable portable scales.

DR Series

DETECTO’s DR150 and DR400 portable digital floor scales are excellent for use where space is limited. They feature a high-contrast backlit blue LCD, compact low-profile design for space-saving efficiency, slip-resistant texturized black rubber mat for traction, and coiled cable from the scale base allowing versatile positioning of the indicator. The scales are available in 150 lb x 0.2 lb and 400 lb x 0.5 lb capacities. The portable, lightweight 12-inch-square platform and large bold backlit blue readouts make this scale ideal for receiving departments, warehouses, distribution centers, and general-purpose weighing. The scale’s moveable display lets you place it on a work surface or mounted to the wall, wherever it’s most convenient for you to view. An optional black carrying case is available.


The Run-a-Weigh portable floor scale features a spacious 24.5 x 30 inch (62 x 76 cm) platform with two-way, easy-access integral ramps, built-in handles and wheels, rechargeable battery power, plus a lightweight 95 lb (43 kg) frame for easy mobility and use in multiple locations. The Run-a-Weigh easily fits through standard doors and can go wherever you need it for weighing drums, barrels, industrial containers, and small crates. The ultra-low, 2.2-inch-high profile allows easy loading of heavy items. It is available in a heavy-duty checkered mild steel deck with 500 lb x 0.2 lb / 225 kg x 0.1 kg or 1,000 lb x 0.5 lb / 450 kg x 0.2 kg capacity.

Digital Portable

These legal-for-trade portable digital floor scales let the weighing come to you. The 5852F/8852F series is adaptable for versatile use in receiving departments, inventory management, commercial foodservice, in-plant weighing, material handling, bag filling, and general weighing applications. The scales are lightweight and easy to maneuver with their four large rubolene wheels. Switch easily between pounds and kilograms readouts. These scales provide cost-effective digital solutions for commercial utility scale applications. Enjoy digital speed and precision with your choice of weight indicators to suit your specific application’s needs. Select from your choice of four different Cardinal Scale digital weight indicators, depending on your application. Models are available in either 500 lb x 0.2 lb / 220 kg x 0.1 kg or 1,000 lb x 0.5 lb / 440 kg x 0.2 kg capacity.

Mechanical Portable

The 854F portable weighbeam series scales comes in five different capacities to select from and they are constructed entirely of heavy-duty welded steel with electrostatic powder paint coating for long life. These legal-for-trade portable floor scales let the weighing come to you. They offer maintenance-free operation through their lever system and require no power to operate, providing years of trouble-free use in tough environments. The die-cast beam with easy-to-read numbers is viewable on the front and back. These scales are ideal for weighing propane tanks and use in hazardous locations due to their mechanical design. It is lightweight (116 lb / 53 kg net weight) and easy to maneuver with its four large rubolene wheels. The 854F series is suitable for environments that require intrinsically safe equipment and locations without access to electricity.