Meeting your health goals is important. Detecto can provide a scale that can help you maintain your weight-loss goals with world-class, name-brand scales that have delivered since 1900.

Detecto’s classic Weigh Beam Eye-Level Physician Scales are still delivering accuracy and durability all these years later. Built with stainless-steel or mild steel, with or without height rods, with or without wheels and handposts, this highly versatile scale can be suited perfectly to your needs.

For ascertaining height only, Detecto provides mechanical and digital means. Detecto’s PHR portable height rod is a freestanding implement that measures up to 6’ 9” and can be quickly disassembled. The DHRWM can be affixed to a wall to produce a quick digital height reading with incredible accuracy. For a touchless model, Detecto provides the Sonaris model stadiometer. The Sonaris uses sonar technology to provide an instant digital readout.

For digital platforms, the solo, Icon, and Apex give even more weighing options to the fitness enthusiast. These platforms can calculate BMI and feature easily accessible platforms for easy weighing. The solo and Apex feature mechanical height rods while some Apex and all Icon models have sonar height technology. All of these features help you acquire the most accurate readings for your health and fitness.