When it comes to bariatric scales, comfort and safety are of the highest importance. Patients that have difficulty with mobility need extra precautions, and DETECTO is more than happy to deliver. From ambulatory to wheel-chair bound patients, DETECTO has designed easily accessible platforms that provide world-class security and luxury.

DETECTO’s bariatric scale line features a great array of platforms and accessories that are needed for additional safety and assurance regarding non-ambulatory patients. DETECTO’s 6855, 6854DHR, 6856, 6857DHR all feature a low-profile platform and handrails for the kind of support required for patients that need to comfortably weigh themselves when stability is an issue. The 6868 scale, in addition of handrails and a low-profile platform, also has a flip seat for patients that can’t stand for extended periods of time.

In addition to safety precautions, DETECTO’s bariatric scales can weigh patients of any size. Specifically designed to accurately weigh obese patients, DETECTO’s bariatric scales have max capacities of either 600 lbs or 1,000 lbs. The included indicators also have a weight lock option to allow for sustained weight reading while helping a patient off of the platform. Most bariatric scales are also EMR/EHR ready for easy transport of patient vital information.

Bariatric patients require peace of mind when stepping on a weighing platform. DETECTO has developed solutions for every safety precaution when it comes to bariatric weighing.