Being able to stretch your dollar is always on the mind of consumers while in the marketplace, grocery store, or deli. Luckily, DETECTO saves money and resources for the customer and proprietor alike. With this in mind, DETECTO pledges to provide the highest-quality platforms for retail and foodservice remains unparalleled.

To aid customers, DETECTO’s world-renowned, classic top loading dial scales, hanging dial scales, and digital hanging scales accurately weigh produce in a simple, timely manner. DETECTO’s top loading dial scales come in a range of sizes and capacities that can fit any produce weighing job. Hanging dial scales are made with durable stainless steel pans and scoops that reach 40 lb capacities and provide an economical choice that will last for years to come. In the way of digital hanging scales, the SCS30 and accompanying HS-STAND provide a solar-powered, NTEP-approved option to provide the most accurate, environmentally friendly choice for customers.

To compute accurate pricing, DETECTO has produced price computing scales in the form of the DL and D series. The DL series effortlessly inventories up 5,990 PLU’s, prints product labels in a wide range of styles and sizes, and offers NTEP accuracy to get the most out of your meats, produce, or grains. For a smaller operation, the D series legal-for-trade scale offers 99 PLU’s with 14 quick keys, a pre-pack option to retain unit price and tare, and weight, unit price, and total price display for precision and clarity on food and pre-packaged items.

For bulk and stock weighing, DETECTO’s digital hanging and bench scales are capable of weighing raw and bulk products. DETECTO’s HSDC series ranges from 20 to 500 lbs, most models are NTEP-approved, and they feature a digital display to convenient, portable weighing of products such as meats, fish, and large amounts of produce. DETECTO’s vast collection of bench scales come in a large variety of indicators and capacities and feature durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel construction to withstand the most punishing and septic environments.

DETECTO’s Enterprise series is perfect for checkout areas and self-service aisles. This valuable scale line can integrate with most point-of-sale systems for checkout applications to integrate data. The Enterprise scales feature four platform sizes and six capacities that can weigh as accurate as 0.1 ounces—capable of weighing even the smallest of items.

No matter the grocery application, DETECTO has you covered.