When dealing with the most delicate and precious of patients, DETECTO provides innovative scales that deliver world-class comfort, portability, and hygiene. DETECTO features a wide variety of pediatric scales built to withstand demanding hospital and nursery environments, but accurate enough to weigh the smallest of patients.

DETECTO’s digital baby scale line provides a variety of robust neonatal platforms, giving medical professionals the advantage of providing individualized solutions for weighing infants. The 6745’s easy, light-weight construction, and portability is a great option NICU’s, nurseries, and delivery rooms. The 8432-CH features a unique seashell-shaped incline seat to appeal to toddlers. The 8435 is equipped with a heavy-duty steel base, high-weight capacity, and is EHR/EMR ready to dependably get fast results when weighing babies.

DETECTO manufactures mechanical options that are time tested and medically approved the world over. The 450 and 451 models offer safe and reliable weigh-beam models with long-lasting trays that are perfect for pediatrician offices and clinics. For more remote clinical locations, DETECTO’s MCS25KGNT and HS25KGP options feature a very lightweight, suspended sling seat construction that require no electrical or battery power.

Pediatric environments demand highly-accurate scales that can comfortably weigh their smallest patients. DETECTO will continue its tradition of devising weighing implements that will take care of the patients that require the most care.