Detecto’s Enterprise series retail point-of-sale (POS) scales are ideal for checkout applications, self-service aisles, manual batching applications involving ingredients, shipping/logistics, and multi-purpose scale integration. Detecto’s retail point-of-sale scales can integrate with almost any point-of-sale system on the market, perfect for data integration.

Detecto’s Enterprise series is made of the finest quality stainless steel. The Enterprise comes in 4 platform sizes and six capacities ranging from 160ozs to 250lbs, capable of weighing almost any type of product. The Enterprise series even offers an optional NTEP legal-for-trade wireless capability for data integration.

For added accuracy, Detecto’s StableSENSE digital filtering removes weight fluctuations resulting from movement on a scale platform or conveyor belt. This extra layer of protection saves time and money for more consistent produce weighing.

The Enterprise’s multitude of accessories can be tailored to fit almost any situation. Whether it be ball top transfers, optional Wi-Fi, and many different mounting brackets, the Enterprise’s versatile product line can be used efficiently in almost any retail setting.