DETECTO manufactures a complete line of acute care scales that can fill out any hospital’s weighing need. Whether patients are ambulatory or not, require a wheelchair, can only be weighed while sitting, or need to be weighed while in a hospital bed, DETECTO can provide a solution to for almost any patient.

For ambulatory patients, DETECTO’s eye-level physician scales deliver a classic, easy-to-use design in imperial or metric, or mild or stainless steel construction. Eye-level physician scales are perfect for usage in a doctor’s office, clinic, or even for home healthcare. For those facilities requiring a digital option, the solo, Apex, and Icon all feature high-tech indicators, low-profile platforms, and high weight capacities.

For obese and unstable patients, DETECTO has developed their expansive bariatric scale line. These scales all feature a low and spacious platform for patient comfort and assurance. Those that are unstable and find themselves uncomfortable on their feet will find handrails and seating for extra comfort. These extra-safe scales also feature high capacities to safely weigh obese patients.

For handicapped patients, dialysis patients, and the elderly, DETECTO has eliminated undue stress when weighing these individuals. DETECTO’s chair scales allow for added comfort when it is needed and feature adjustable lift-away armrests to allow for increased accessibility and stability when transferring patients to the scale. The 475/4751 models feature mechanical weigh beams while the 6475/6475K and 6880 models feature a digital indicator, giving healthcare professionals both options when comfortably weighing patients.

For bed-ridden and non-ambulatory patient weighing, DETECTO’s IB800 and IBFL500 in-bed scales. These hydraulic lift scales feature lift mechanisms, locking casters and adjustable weighing arms to ensure extra security and convenient access when undertaking the arduous task of trying to weigh patients while in bed. These scales also feature a convenient BMI calculator, weight hold feature, and can communicate with EHR/EMR interfaces. Healthcare professionals the world over have come to appreciate the novel design and easy weighing of bed-ridden patients.

No matter the use, DETECTO can provide a scale that can be utilized for almost any acute care patient.