Cardinal Scale offers a wide range of ticket printers featuring the same quality users have come to expect from the industry's leading scale manufacturer. Cardinal Scale’s printers vary from printing simple tickets and labels to completing complex, multi-line reports. Ticket printers can print multiple weight tickets and utilize a convenient insert feature, while tape printers provide individual weight receipts to track measurements. Cardinal Scale’s label printers can print lines, boxes, bar codes, and graphics and feature a flip-up print head that is easy to clean and load. Report printers are ideal for users who need to print from Cardinal Scale’s WinVRS software, while the P900 series printers easily manage batching records, process control statistics, and truck weighing records. For weather-proof, outdoor-grade unattended printing, Cardinal Scale's WINENCL-P is a high-speed thermal kiosk printer with internal climate control. All Cardinal Scale printers provide fast, high-quality printing, are very easy to load, and require minimal effort to maintain and clean.

P50 Tape Printer

The optional model P50 direct thermal printer with two-button operation and RS-232 serial communication with the scale’s weight indicator (cable included with printer) is capable of printing 384 dots/line with a max printing speed of 1.58 in/sec (40 mm/s).

P150 Tape Printer

Cardinal’s P150 mobile high-speed direct line thermal printer is rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included) powered for use with portable scales. The P150 is compact and robust with a long-life printing head and high reliability. It features easy paper handling due to its paper drop-in style, 3.15-in/80-mm per second printing speed, 203 DPI x 203 DPI resolution, and serial and USB connectivity. There are three LEDs to indicate battery status. Charging time is 2 hours for 90 minutes of continuous use. The overall dimensions are 3.7 W x 5.3 D x 2.2 H inches (96 W x 136 D x 58 H mm). Print width is 1.89 in/48 mm, 384 dot. Standard serial printer cable provided.

P220 Label Printer

The P220 high quality direct thermal printers are perfect for labeling, featuring a flip-up print head for easy media loading or cleaning, and produces high quality characters at 203 dots per inch. The P220 has a print width of 2 inches and a print speed of up to 4-inches per second. Interfacing to Cardinal’s indicators via a RS232 serial port, they can print lines, boxes and graphics. If you require a high quality thermal printer, this model is your answer. Standard serial printer cable provided.

P225 Thermal Label Printer

The P225 printer is an easy-to use, high-quality solution for many applications that require a fast and accurate printing option. This space-saving direct thermal label printer is designed to work with the D series price computing scales. The P225 is also compatible with all Cardinal weight indicators and DETECTO food service scales with RS232 serial connectivity. The P225’s clamshell design provides easy access to media for cleaning and installation. This printer is capable of printing a variety of labels up to 2-inches wide. Labels print at speeds of up to 5 inches per second at 203 DPI. The P225 is capable of printing a variety of graphics and logos through the printer software or Cardinal Scale’s nControl label software. Graphics, bar codes, and logos may be stored on the printer’s microSD flash memory up to 4 GB (microSD card not included). Label rolls available from DETECTO.

P600 Tape Printer

The P600 Tape Printer incorporates versatile on-board electronics and has a print speed of up to 30 receipts per minute and 40 columns. These are some of the key features that provide the basis for its ability to be tailored to the simplest or most complex printouts needed for applications such as process control, inventory control, and material handling installations. The printer can be configured for continuous eject tape or can provide individual receipt slips as needed for the weighing installation. RS232 serial input. Standard serial printer cable provided.