Speed and precision are needed when dealing with the sundry of cafeteria items. Additionally, cafeterias will need a scale that can endure repeated usage from hungry patrons. Fortunately, DETECTO has scales that can deliver the promptness and long-lasting design to keep patrons and owners satisfied for years to come.

DETECTO’s DL and D series digital price computing scales offer the tools needed to accurately, efficiently, and conveniently weigh cafeteria food items. The DL series holds up 5,990 PLU’s with customizable food labels to efficiently save a massive amount of food products, while quickly printing food labels to save time and money. The D series offers simple, fast product weighing by way of using a preset key to store and recall product names, information, and prices on freshly prepared or pre-packaged items. When weighing smaller items the DM15 provides the accuracy needed for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and candies with a 0.1 ounce accuracy.

The Enterprise APS series scales are perfect for checkout applications that require data integration. The Enterprise APS scales are compatible with most cash register systems and PC applications and weigh as accurately as 0.1 ounces for profit maximization. The stainless steel bases come in a variety of sizes and capacities to custom fit the scale to the operation, while withstanding repeated food tray use by customers.

DETECTO’s DL, D, and Enterprise APS are great options to get precise packaged or freshly made portion weights in an effective, quick manner adding to customer satisfaction and a business’s bottom line.