To aid healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinical facilities, DETECTO provides a full line of medical carts. DETECTO’s medical carts come with many useful options that allow doctors, nurses, and aides to quietly, carefully, and expediently transport medical supplies and instruments. The Rescue Medical Carts are color coded to help healthcare professionals visually designate a certain cart to a department. The trolley series can also turn 360-degrees which can help transport vital supplies to almost any space in a hospital. The quality steel body protects inner contents from damage, and the ABS bumpers protect the cart from crashing into walls and hospital equipment. Rescue carts are also available with five or six drawers to make adequate room for needed medical supplies. To prevent carts from toppling over when drawers are opened, DETECTO has devised a well-balanced cart that does not spill expensive contents when seemingly unbalanced.

MobileCare Medical Carts

DETECTO’s innovative and highly customizable MobileCare medical carts offer the most advanced security level features available in the medical cart market. Nearly unlimited configuration possibilities are available. There are three lock types to choose from: electronic (RFID with 3 frequencies available and full-color touchscreen pincode), quick release, and keyed. The included Windows software allows you to have one centralized point for all your employee cart access and security settings, pushed via secure Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for instant updates. The proprietary onboard and PC software has been developed by DETECTO. The innovative quick release unlocking can save lives when a patient codes, and the breakaway plastic tags and red/green flag can be reset easily by biomed techs.​

RESCUE Medical Carts

DETECTO’s Rescue series medical carts come in multiple color options (red, blue, yellow, and white) with five or six drawers and 360-degree rotation for tight corners. DETECTO’s carts are manufactured from quality steel cart body construction that is powder-coat painted for durability with ABS countertops that are easy to clean. The keyed or EMG breakaway central lock secures all drawers at the same time for added convenience. The carts’ 5-inch-diameter wheels feature two parking locks and one steering lock. ABS bumpers protect all four corners of the medical carts. The push handle offers a user-friendly design. Multiple optional accessories are available to customize your cart or you may purchase a fully-loaded cart pre-stocked with typical accessories.