Cardinal Scale’s durable, stainless steel bench scale designs are simple and easy to use, while being versatile enough to use in almost any weighing environment. Cardinal Scale’s stainless steel bases, columns, and optional carts are made to last for many years to come while being used in a variety of industrial weighing applications. The bench scale line features digital or mechanical versions, with a wide variety of indicators that can be affixed to the scale base. Cardinal Scale’s indicators are all great options to be used in food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical, recycling, or chemical use. Ranging from 15 lb to 300 lb capacities, Cardinal Scale’s electronic bench scales can weigh a wide range of packages, inventory, and bulk commodities. Cardinal Scale’s Admiral Series CA-190 can even be sprayed down with a high-pressure, high-temperature rinse without damaging vital circuitry and instrumentation.

Admiral Series CA-190

Cardinal Scale’s Admiral bench scales feature an IP69K-rated load cell and indicator, so any sensitive electronics are fully protected against close range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs making them ideal for the food processing industry where equipment must be carefully sanitized. The heavy-duty stainless steel base is built solidly for high-usage durability. The bright, vivid ColorZONE display changes color automatically as pre-assigned target weights are reached for efficient checkweighing. In environments that require heavy washdowns, such as in the food processing industry, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressure and high temperature can prove fatal for electronic circuits and instrumentation. The Admiral’s IP69K rating offers the highest protection rating possible.

EB-185 Series

Cardinal Scale’s EB bench scales with 185 Rival weight indicators feature rechargeable battery power allowing them to be moved easily to multiple locations, bold 1-inch/25-mm high backlit LCD for high-visibility readouts, 3 platform sizes and 5 capacities available. Capacities range from 15 lb/6 kg up to 300 lb/150 kg and the EB series is NTEP, OIML, and Measurement Canada legal for trade. Cardinal Scale’s EB bench scales feature the strength and durability of a beautiful stainless steel scale base and column combined with the elegant and comfortable tactile feel of the ABS washdown 185B Rival weight indicator. The backlit green LCD is visible in nearly any lighting level, indoors or outdoors.

EB-190 Series

Cardinal Scale’s EB-190 series bench scales features the versatile 190 Storm indicators. Impact resistant and protected from sharp objects, such as scissors and knives, the EB-190’s weight indicator is uniquely suited to food processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, recycling and the chemical industry. Stainless steel construction of the scale platform and column ensures daily dependability. Other features include capacitive touch keys, 1-inch (25 mm) high clearly visible LCD digits, built-in RS232 communications port, ColorZONE checkweighing, and versatile power options. ColorZONE is the solution for efficient time management during your checkweighing processes. The bright, vivid display, changes color automatically as the pre-assigned target weights are reached. NTEP and Measurement Canada legal-for-trade certification.

EB-205 Series

The EB-205 series features a stainless steel constructed base paired with a 205 Storm indicator, ensuring reliable accurate, operation in harsh environments and wash down applications. An easy-to-read 0.6-inch/15 mm high bright-red LED displays weight to six digits while push-button Gross, Tare, Net conversion, adjustable filtering, selectable key lockout, programmable print format, selectable weight units, auto shutoff. Dual bi-directional RS232 serial ports and four input lines offer several connectivity options. NTEP legal-for-trade certified. One 2XX option card slot available. Available in 15, 30, 60, 150 and 300 lb capacities.

EB-210 Series

Cardinal’s EB-210 series bench scale is equipped with a 210 Storm indicator that features a stainless steel enclosure, easy-to-read 0.6-in/15 mm high bright-red LED display, push-button Gross, Tare, Net conversion, programmable print format, selectable weight units, a numeric keypad, tare, piece count, checkweighing, time and date, and three preset weight comparators (PWCs). Dual bi-directional RS232 serial ports provide easy connectivity to a remote display, label or ticket printer, or PC. NTEP legal-for-trade certified. One 2XX option card slot available. Available in 15, 30, 60, 150 and 300 lb capacities.

WPB Series Waterproof Legal-for-Trade Scales

DETECTO’s WPB series waterproof portion scales are NTEP and OIML legal for trade and come in 6, 12, and 30 lb capacities. The WPB series features an IP68-rated stainless steel platform and scale base and rechargeable battery power included. The versatile scales offer checkweighing, dual range weight, built-in 120V AC power cord, compact size, accuracy to 1 gram, 0.56-in-high (14-mm-high) LED digits, and they are intuitive and easy to use. The platform size is 8.7 in W x 7.1 in D (220 mm W x 180 mm D) and the overall dimensions are 8.9 in W x 11.5 in D x 5.0 in H (227 mm W x 292 mm D x 128 mm H). DETECTO’s WPB series scales are ideal for heavy washdown environments requiring checkweighing over/under applications and a compact scale size.

Bench Scale Carts

Cardinal Scale’s bench scale carts provide a mobile weighing option for EB series and Admiral bench scales. These rolling carts feature wash-down stainless steel for sanitary conditions, locking casters for stability while weighing, bolt-down holes for mounting Cardinal bench scales, interior shelf, and exposed center section in the top shelf for debris removal beneath the scale. The carts have adjustable height settings at 30, 34, and 38 inches for operator convenience. Two sizes are available: 20 D x 18 W inches and 28 D x 24 W inches, to fit any Cardinal EB or Admiral series bench scale. Ships flat packed (assembly required).

4500 Series

DETECTO’s 4500 series bench scales are designed for smaller commercial and industrial clients that require high performance with minimum cost. These bench scales are well suited for inventory, weighing bulk commodities, or shipping and receiving departments. They are capable of accurately measuring every 1/4 lb and able to handle a maximum of 350 lbs. A die-cast black aluminum beam, easily read from either side, and a smooth oven-baked finish ensure dependable operation after years of rugged use. Available in 130 lb, 350 lb, or 350 lb/160 kg capacities. They are constructed of durable steel without requiring any power, so they are built to last over the long haul.