DETECTO offers several weighing solutions for in-home or portable weighing with the DETECTO bathroom scale line. These handy bathroom scales offer economical designs that have proven to perform for tracking at-home weights for healthcare. The scales offer a low-profile design and a non-skid vinyl mat on the platform for added safety and ease of use. These bathroom scales are also very easy to clean and last a lifetime. The dial faces feature easy-to-read dials and numbers that can be used in a variety of settings. The D1130 series also has four colorful indicators that can be slid around the perimeter of the dial face to keep track of weights when used singularly or within a family setting. These compact scales can be used in a wide range of weighing environments such as locker rooms, hotels, weight rooms, fitness clubs, pharmacies, offices, and private households.

D1130 Series

A low-profile design and non-skid vinyl mat are just a few features of the Detecto D1130 and D1130K scales - proven performers for budget-minded customers. They feature a white, baked-enamel finish and four personal colorful indicators to mark one person’s or a whole family’s weights as well as large easy-to-read 7 inch (18 cm) dial and a wide, stable platform measuring 11.3 x 11.8 inch (29 x 30 cm).