DETECTO’s stainless steel eye-level weighbeam physician scales are ideal for locker rooms, gyms, and high-humidity areas around swimming pools and showers. The timeless, attractive appearance constructed in durable stainless steel provides optimal weighing accuracy that is built to last a lifetime. Water damage from mopping around the scale base and high-humidity areas are a thing of the past with DETECTO’s stainless steel healthcare scales. They are available in lb, lb/kg, and kg models with or without a height rod. The height rod is easy to extend and measures in both inches and centimeters: 30-78 in / 76-200 cm. The die-cast weighbeam is easy to read from both sides and makes weighing fast and simple.

Trusted by physicians since 1900, DETECTO’s high-quality weighbeam medical scale is globally recognized as the leader in the mechanical physician scale market. Available in capacities of 400 lb/175 kg, 400 lb, or 180 kg, the scale’s weighbeam is 59 in / 148 cm high for eye-level convenience. The innovatively-designed medical scale features readings from either side of the weighbeam and is imprinted on both sides, allowing the nurse and patient to both view weight simultaneously. Pounds, kilograms, or pounds/kilograms are all available on the easy-to-read beam with accuracy to 4 ounces or 100 grams. The dual-reading height rod measures in inches and centimeters at a glance (30-78 in / 76-200 cm) with ¼ inch and ½ cm graduations. The slip-resistant black platform cover may be removed for easy cleaning.

When the patient steps on the scale, simply move the large poise and then the small poise until the weighbeam balances. It’s that simple! The anti-tip sturdy stainless steel scale base is built rock solid for patient support and stability while weighing and measuring. Quick and easy calibration is performed via the adjustment screw on the side of the weighbeam. DETECTO’s stainless steel eye-level weighbeam scales may be used in gyms, locker rooms, spas, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and even home use. DETECTO is the brand
name that means Scales in the healthcare industry since 1900.