Counting as Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Making Sense of Inventory Management

  • December 3, 2018

Making Sense of Inventory Management

Profit margins are excellent, stockholders and shareholders rejoice, and employees are more excited for work than ever before—what an excellent year it has been! Yet, there is still an issue. Warehouse, inventory and packaging managers fret because end-of-the-year inventory is quickly approaching. This means a nearly endless counting process for all inventory levels. Nuts, bolts, washers, and screws from all types of industries need to be accounted for… and thankfully, there is an easy solution.

Hand-counting small inventory parts can prove to be a tiresome affair, often wasting production hours and costly resources. This process also includes a fatal element: human error. Even the most meticulous employees can miscount, which leads to inaccurate inventory readings. Inaccuracies can be detrimental to a company’s financial status, hurt the bottom line, and can become costly to those not adequately managing their inventory.

Leaders in the scale industry recognized this growing concern and action was taken. The advancements in weighing technology arm managers with the resources necessary to regain control of the stockroom. Digital counting scales are integral to this process. The functionality of counting scales allows managers and boots-on-the-ground employees to quickly and easily track inventory with minimal levels of training. It typically takes just a couple of minutes to learn the scale’s simple sequence steps. Essentially, if you get a sample weight from a small volume of parts on the counting scale, then you can set a pile of parts on the scale and it will quickly calculate the total number of parts on the weighing platform.

Cardinal/Detecto's C series counting scales are available in three weight capacities: 30 lb, 65 lb, and 100 lb; plus the remote scale input lets you increase that capacity exponentially.
Cardinal/Detecto’s C series counting scales are available in three weight capacities: 30 lb, 65 lb, and 100 lb; plus the remote scale input lets you increase that capacity exponentially.

Other key benefits to a counting scale are its portability and adaptability. Generally, counting scales are small enough to be easily moved across warehouses, production facilities, and sheltered workshops. Counting scales are also compatible with a wide range of other weighing technology. For example, a counting scale can be paired with larger remote scale decks for weighing items that might be too large for the original counting scale’s platform, such as punched parts and bigger type pieces. This process reduces man hours necessary and makes inventory counting faster and easier.

Cardinal/Detecto Scale understands these inventory counting needs. The company’s popular C series counting scale is the ideal inventory scale for parts counting when precision, battery power, and portability is imperative. The C series is available in three weight capacities: 30 lb, 65 lb, and 100 lb; plus the remote scale input lets you increase that capacity exponentially. Each model offers metric conversion and 15,000 weight divisions, making inventory counting more efficient than ever. The C series’ mid-size platform size and light weight allow for easy mobility.

Cardinal/Detecto’s C series scale is also compatible with the Echelon EH series checkered-deck floor scales, Run-a-Weigh portable floor scales with integral ramps, and 2850F digital portable floor scales with wheels for remote weighing applications that require larger platform sizes in order to weigh larger parts. The C series scale provides inventory and warehouse managers with simultaneous total weight, unit weight and piece count displays on a blue-backlit LCD readout. The scale can also audibly alert the user when preset weights and quantity limits are achieved for accurate weighing solutions.

What if the counting scale is only needed once a year for physical inventory counts?

Many scale dealership companies offer rental programs so managers can have access to the ease and functionality of a counting scale, without having to pay to own one. This lets you rent the scale for the month of December or whenever your parts counting occurs at just a fraction of the cost of ownership. Many scale dealerships often maintain a rental fleet of counting scales for their customers.

Making assumptions about inventory levels can be costly, and Cardinal/Detecto’s C series counting scales provide accurate weights and counts on all your parts to help your bottom line. Save time, save manpower, and increase accuracy with a portable Cardinal/Detecto counting scale.

Making sense of inventory management should not be a stressful job, and with Cardinal/Detecto’s C series counting scale, counting inventory is as easy as “1, 2, 3.”