Stretcher Scales Provide a “Weigh” to Save Time in Emergencies

  • November 18, 2019

Stretcher scales are used for weighing patients in emergency rooms, dialysis, critical care, long-term care, and nursing homes. This type of large-platform-size scale provides healthcare professionals with a way to comfortably and expediently weigh patients in emergency situations that are confined to a stretcher for transportation. DETECTO has adapted its technology from wheelchair and platform scales to fit the weighing needs of stretchers, gurneys, and other large patient transportation implements.

​Since most healthcare facilities have access to scales that accommodate wheelchair weighing, DETECTO wanted to provide a solution for the lesser-utilized stretcher weighing market that requires a much larger platform size. Many times, immobile patients transported in stretchers are being moved in an emergent fashion that necessitates efficient weighing in a timely manner. The stretcher scale provides a solution for patient weighing when a stretcher or implement larger than a wheelchair is needed.

Since emergency patients need to be weighed quickly, DETECTO’s stretcher scale can expedite the weighing process and save time. Stretchers, gurneys, or wheelchairs can be tared beforehand or even while the patient is being weighed on the scale to save time, allowing immobile patient weighing in a timely manner. Taring a weight is the act of removing something additional to the patient’s weight itself, so you can view and record the actual patient weight. This is a valuable tool when trying to provide patients with efficient service.

​The DETECTO stretcher scale’s mobility aspect is another great benefit that aids healthcare professionals. DETECTO stretcher scale models have integral wheels and handles that allow for easy movement when the scale needs to be brought to the patient. The 8500 and 8550 models are light enough to be utilized by health professionals of any size. The 8500 and 8550 are also compact and have a very slim, low profile to provide easy storage in order to save valuable room or storage space. These scales can be also be utilized in multiple departments, which is a great cost-saving feature.

​In addition to portability and scale profile advantages, DETECTO’s stretcher scales have a weighing platform that can safely accommodate all standard types of clinical weighing transport implements. Stretchers, gurneys and wheelchairs can be safely and simply rolled onto the platform with minimal effort due to the low-profile platform and integral dual-access ramps. DETECTO also provides optional guiderails to allow for additional patient safety and assurance when weighing the patient in a convenient manner.

The scale’s MedVue® weight indicator is EMR/EHR capable, exporting valuable patient information to electronic medical records. Vital statistics will be accurately stored in that facility’s EMR/EHR software database. The time spent having to write down patient’s vitals is eliminated, and the information sent will be transmitted instantly.

DETECTO’s stretcher scale offerings provide a safe, sizable digital scale that can be used in a variety of healthcare settings while saving valuable time weighing patients that are non-ambulatory. These attributes save valuable time and effort, which just might save a life.

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