​DETECTO’s innovative and highly customizable MobileCare medical carts offer the most advanced security level features available in the medical cart market. Nearly unlimited configuration possibilities are available. There are three lock types to choose from: electronic (RFID with 3 different frequencies available and full-color touchscreen pincode), quick release, and keyed. The included Windows software allows you to have one centralized point for all your employee cart access and security settings, pushed via secure Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for instant updates. The proprietary onboard and PC software has been developed by DETECTO. The innovative quick release unlocking can save lives when a patient codes, and the breakaway plastic tags and red/green flag can be reset easily by biomed techs.

MobileCare carts offer the most robust cart customization on the market to fit your needs. The electronic carts comes with your choice of unlocking methods: one lock and individual drawer sensors, individual drawer locks and individual drawer sensors, or simply one lock. The full-color touchscreen LCD features graphical menus for intuitive prompts and easy usability. Detailed employee audit tracking mitigates narcotics theft. User setup can be done at the cart or within the included Windows software. The electronic carts feature multiple alarms, both an audible alert (with timing settings) and e-mail/text notifications (with up to 3 admins each). Up to 5,000 users are available per cart. Dual authentication is available in the electronic carts: RFID and pin code touchscreen entry. The PC software allows you to update individual users, carts, locations/buildings, and departments. You can print, download, and export detail history reports and the software holds up to 50,000 records. History tracking is available to check accountability of individual drawer inventory.

There are 10 standard colors and unlimited Pantone and RAL color options. The ABS thermoplastic countertop with molded edges is is all one continuous piece for optimal hygienic clean-up. You can specify handrails on all three sides, two, one, or none. The seamless shell body is constructed without any exposed holes for flush clean lines and more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Spacious soft-close drawers elegantly glide shut for added convenience. Two self-closing side extension trays are included standard for additional counter space. MobileCare carts are manufactured from an aluminum cart body, high-impact plastic bumpers, and ABS countertop. All four wheels are fully rotating caster-type wheels with two locking and two non-locking casters. The 5-in/13-cm diameter 1-wheel casters offer features such as anti-static, total lock, and bead chain for static dissipation which provide easy mobility for smooth transport and nimble maneuvering (2-wheel casters are optional). The carts come standard with full wrap-around high-impact bumper trim, which extends beyond the handrails for complete protection. Versatile corner extrusion mounting provides easy optional accessory attachment and customized locations. A full range of accessories are available, including IV poles, sharps container holders, defibrillator shelves, cardiac boards, oxygen tank holders, 12-bin organizers, catheter holders, waste bins, and many more. The carts are made in the USA of American and foreign components and TAA compliant.