CASE STUDY: Resin Tank Mixer Scale

  • November 5, 2018

Pinova Solutions (Brunswick, GA) delivers state-of-the-art performance specialty rosin, polyterpene resins, and sensory ingredients for many of the world’s most essential industries and best-known brands. Customers in over 100 countries use Pinova Solution’s premium performance rosins, resins and polyterpene resins to meet exacting product standards in a wide variety of specialized markets.

Pinova Solutions recently underwent an expansion project to their factory in Georgia in order to more efficiently and precisely scale their resin and rosin products as they move down the line from the mixers. The project included the installation of four Cardinal Scale model THBC20-4 load cell kits and a model 825 multi-scale weight indicator which can connect with up to 10 scales, all viewed on screen simultaneously. Cardinal Scale’s Atlanta branch personnel met with Pinova Solutions and provided the installation of the tank weighing system.

The first tank scale in Pinova Solution’s new expansion was commissioned on February 17, 2017. Approximately 30,000-40,000 gallons is weighed daily. With the installation and commission of this new scale, Pinova Solutions has been able to increase productivity and the accuracy of each product for their resin and rosin mixes.

Cardinal Scale’s THBC electronic tank weighing systems provide 4 mild steel stands, each with stainless steel model SB 20,000-lb-capacity load cells wired to a central stainless steel junction box. This 80,000-lb capacity load cell kit features a rugged bolt-in design and self-checking stands with waterproof load cells. The entire system is manufactured at Cardinal Scale’s factory in Webb City, MO.

Cardinal’s 825 indicator is located in the upstairs operator’s booth connected to their DCS system strategically placed where both displays are clearly visible to the operator. The system operator finds the new indicator to be very accurate, with a user friendly and easy-to-read display. With the enhanced capabilities and technology provided by Cardinal Scale, Pinova Solutions will continue to provide quality products to their customers around the world.

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